We believe that reading and the process of expanding the mind, assists in broadening the imagination and enhancing the wellbeing of the individual; intentionally turning yourself toward an inner world that is not crowded with the modern technologies that assault our consciousness and instead, offering your free time to enriching and nourishing your intellectual curiosity. 

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Terms and conditions


  • Your membership will be automatically renewed each month and the credit card on your membership account will be charged the membership fee.
  • To cancel a membership, please email and we will cancel it within 2 business days.
  • All memberships will be suspended when the Library space closes.


  • You must be a member to borrow books from the library.
  • Members are responsible for all items borrowed on their account.
  • Members are permitted to borrow four books at any given time.
  • The loan period is 14 days, all books must be returned on or before the fourteenth day.
  • If you exceed the 14 day loan period, you will be sent three written overdue notices via both email and text.
  • If, after receiving three written warnings you fail to return your loaned items, your credit card will be charged the recommended retail price of each book. They are then yours to keep.
  • Items lost or damaged while on loan to members must be paid for at the recommended retail price.

Items that are not returned or returned damaged

  • All items must be returned to Adytum at 27 Lonsdale Street Braddon.
  • If your title has not been returned to the Adytum Library within 30 days of taking out the loan, or is returned damaged, you will be charged to the credit card provided within your membership account.
  • The charge made to your credit card will be for the recommended retail price (RRP) of the publication.
  • Once you have been charged the RRP of the book, it is yours to keep.

Staying in touch

  • Members must inform Adytum Library of a change of email address or mobile phone number to
  • The library sends reminders and overdue notices as a courtesy only. Failure to receive a notice has no impact on a member’s responsibility to return items on time.